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17 July 2019, Wednesday
Sports Champions (PS3) spieletipps

Sports Champions ist gelungenes Move Spiel, auch wenn es einiges daran auszusetzen gibt. Die Steuerung ist präzise, nach etwas spielen kann man damit umgehen. Ein großer Vorteil ist auch die. Einsenden Tipps und Tricks zu Sports Champions einsenden Sports Champions spieletipps meint: Die sehr gute Move-Steuerung punktet, während die Präsentation eher langweilig daherkommt.

Sports Champions Cheats und Tipps (PS3)

- Es gibt eine Menge Optionen, mit denen du alles vom Körperbau, der Hautfarbe und der Gesichtsform bis hin zur Form der Augenbrauen, dem Make-up und den Tätowierungen anpassen kannst. Beach Volleyball is one of six sports available in Sports Champions for the Playstation Move. Gegenstand Aufgabe Strandball Verliert 3 Spiele in Folge gegen den gleichen Gegner in einem beliebigen Volleyball-Pokal. (Bronze Get a hole-in-one in Disc Golf. You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge.

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- About Beach Volleyball Edit. Sports Champions Beach Volleyball event is a simulation for one to two players of a volleyball match between two teams of two competitors each. Lose 3 consecutive games against the same opponent in any Volleyball cup to win the beach ball. Gladiator Duels - Phantom Sword. I Can Do Better (Bronze Replay a previously won Champions Cup match (any event) and improve your score. Defeat Boomer in match 5 of the Gladiator Duel silver cup to win the phantom sword. Overhand Serve involves a toss and a hit.

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- In den verschiedenen Disziplinen könnt ihr jeweils zwischen zwei und fünf zusätzliche Ausrüstungsgegenstände freischalten. Sports Champions: Spiele-Tipp für das Sport-Spiel Sports Champions, Cheats Codes und vieles mehr. Gladiator Duels - Titus' Burning Axe. In Bronze Cup play, 1000 points earns two stars, while 1500 points earns three stars (any win earns one star.) In the Silver Cup 1500 points earns two stars and 2000 earns three stars. Unlockables There are four Cup tournaments of increasing skill level: Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup, and finally Champions Cup. Screenshot, popular Systems, sports Champions, complete the Golden Cup and win Titus Maximus. The settings are cosmetic.
S highest score and stars awarded in each match. With two players in headtohead competition. Diving Digs x 50 A defensive save of a shot right at the ground. Power Spikes x 25 A spike smash at the net hard enough to generate the fiery ball. For Sports Champions on the PlayStation 3 2500 points is required for two stars. Champions Cup Champions Cup play consists of a series of matches of increasing difficulty pitting a single player and a Playstationcontrolled partner against a team of two Play is organized in four tournaments of increasing difficulty. Win the Gold cup in the indicated event to unlock a Boss game. With two players, gameFAQs has 71 cheat codes and secrets. Archery Split Bow, unlocks, bonus Outfits Defeating a character with a three stars victory in any Cup round unlocks an additional Beach Volleyball outfit for that character. Bonus characters, a split screen is used to show each playerapos. Guide, cheat codes, which has more pace but is more difficult to aim. Left, diskoBall Besiegt Kat im Match 5 des GoldPokals. Bronze Cup, walkthrough, fAQ, a game is won by whichever side scores the needed pint total. The best place to get cheats. Defeat Tatupu in match 5 of the Archery silver cup to win the split bow. Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards. Codes, and secrets for Sports Champions for PlayStation 3 PS3.

Some achievements in Beach Volleyball contribute to all-sports trophies. Katana: Defeat Boomer in Match 5 of the Gladiator Duel Bronze Cup.

(Bronze Win a match in Beach Volleyball without allowing your opponent to score a single point (any mode, any number of sets, and a minimum of 11 points per set).

Tennisschläger Besiegt Rin im Match 5 des Bronze-Pokals. Not all volleyball courts are available initially; some need to be unlocked by winning Cups in the Champions Cup. After the fifth round of the tournament, there's is a special Challenge round; it is a shortened version of the Challenge Mode play, with the player serving at fixed and moving targets, and is played only to score points.

Disc Golf - Stone Discs. (Note the violet and cyan rings around the avatar's feet in the above picture.) In Bronze and Silver play, when the volleyball is high in the air, such as for a jump serve or after a set shot.