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18 August 2019, Sunday
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Tips for Defensemen, playing Defensive, hockey. Read the Play , Read the Play, Read the Play. Always keep your head on a swivel, keep looking around you and be aware of who is in front and, importantly, who is behind you. Keep your feet moving.

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- Initiate breakouts from defensive zone. Make clean crisp outlet passes. Im going to start by making it very simple, and then well go into a little more detail based on zones. Typically the defense will look to make a play to this breaking winger. Defensemen should never be even with each other whether on offense or defence. Only one other defenseman, Chris Chelios, played in more games.

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- Be a great skater (especially backwards) Have a good shot from a distance. Hockey Defense Tips and tricks. The hit zone suggests you are going to hit the player, but a check is not a hit. The second example is in a regroup situation, you pass the puck to your partner, after the pass your job is to stagger and drop in behind your partner. In the offensive zone Both defense should be in a position to receive the puck off the faceoff. They want guys that are safe and can break up plays and move the puck out of harms way and up into the forwards hands.

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- Keep your Head on a swivel. I have always been taught and trained to keep my head on a swivel. Many defensemen enjoy stopping a player on the other team from scoring, just as much as a forward enjoys putting one in the net. In the defensive zone, is the opposing forward facing the corner, can you beat him to the puck, is he coming at you with speed, do you have a support forward behind you, is your partner in front of the net? And remember: Never turn your back on the puck. Being first to the puck is very important for a defensemen, but if youre not first then you need to know how to fight for the puck!
And controlling the flow of the game. Its easy for a forward to use you as a pylon. Read the Play, its a lot easier to work from the inside out than the outside. Keep your stance low and wide. The Net Zone This is probably the most important zone for the defense. WIN ALL your battles IN games AND practises Take pride in being a defensemen. When the puck goes into the corner. In this article I will be going into detail about the roles and responsibilities of the Defensemen. Typically puck recovery happens deep in the defensive zone which leaves the defense in charge of initiating the breakout. Then play it with your stick. The best way to stop a puck that is coming up the boards is to form a complete seal with your skate. And backside, as a defenseman you will be watching plays unfold. In closing, its a common mistake for Defensemen to both leave on the rush leaving any turnover wide open for the taking. Maintain good defensive positioning stay between the puck carrier and the net Battle in the corners. F1 hasnt established a check and is lost D2 and F1 both decide to help D1 which leaves two opponents wide open one is off screen in a high percentage scoring. Get into the play as soon as you.

If you are not moving together it opens up kinks in the armour, and can allow for some odd numbered rushes for the other team (2 on 1, 3 on 1, or gasp a breakaway).

Below is a rule you should memorize. If youre skating back with two hands on your stick, youre giving up lots of ice in front of you. The responsibility of the first forward back is to pick off a man and basically ride him into the zone to take away a chance at a pass to the high man The above is a good example.

Come join Coach Enio Sacilotto, Assistant Coach, Victoria Royals, President, International Hockey Camps this summer for his Defensemen Camp in Victoria, BC, Nanaimo, BC, North Delta, BC and Burnaby Winter Club. Defensive Zone play in the Neutral Zone The two most common scenarios for defensemen in the neutral zone are defending an attack after a breakout from the other team, or a regroup / counter after regaining possession in the neutral zone.

When in support you have two jobs, help out if needed in the corner AND have your head on a swivel to cover a player if needed.

Defense is played in pairs (left D and right D) and in the defensive zone it is crucial to work with your defensive partner and cover your own zone. You have to think and act fast to decide when the right time to pressure.