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12 July 2019, Friday
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Der Creative Outlier Sports ist ein hochleistungsfähiger kabelloser In-Ear-Kopfhörer , der selbst bei hartem Training sicher und angenehm in Ihren Ohren hält. Er verfügt über schweißfeste Eigenschaften, wodurch Sie allen Naturelementen und versehentlichen Wasserspritzern trotzen können. Und mit einer Akkulaufzeit von bis zu 11 Stunden hält Sie nichts davon ab, aktiv zu bleiben. Creative jumped on the sports headphones bandwagon with class and its great attention to details. Were talking about the Creative Outlier Sports, a Bluetooth headset with an around-the-neck cord design to please all kind of sports and fitness enthusiasts.

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- Creative seems to have a renewed push in the headphone business. Just recently, we took a look at the Creative Outlier Black headphones, and found that while they had a lot to offer for the price, they still had some pretty major issues. There are three different types of earhooks, three sizes of eartips, one clip to secure the cable to the shirt, one micro-USB cable and one water-resistant hard case which can hold all of the previous accessories (bar the micro-USB cable). Thats where the Outlier Sports advantage lies! Details are just like in one of Seurats paintings : you get the sense of it, but you cant really point it out. Whats inside, everything that comes in the box of the Creative Outlier One earbuds.

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- The Creative Outlier Sports headphones might not be the best on the market, but they re still a solid contender for the price. I got the sport tips for using at the gym. Its kind of an eyesore when compared to the sleekness of the rest of the earbuds, but at least its functional which is all that really matters. Theres a microphone on the remote which only really works when used in a relatively quiet environment; it cant correctly pick up ones voice if theres too much noise (i.e. Packaging Accessories, although the Creative Outlier Sports are affordable earphones, they come in a nice box with a few accessories. Final Thoughts Can all the boxes be checked at a price which is well below 100?

Creative Outlier Sports review: Lightweight, sweat-proof

- My ear buds now stay in place even when sweating. Sound is great and they are super comfortable to wear. That said, these are fitness headphones. Highs were a mixed bag for.

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- The Creative Outlier One earbuds have their faults, but they re also really solid. If you want to run and work out without breaking the bank, then these are an effective bang-for-your-buck option. Special Affair by The Internet was fine, but the rhythmic hi-hats in the chorus were a little too forward. Im not a big fan of these for casual use, but if youre looking strictly for a pair of workout headphones these are fine.

Creative Outlier One in-ear sports headphones review

- At RM299, the Creative Outlier Sports managed to hit the sweet spot price tag for a decent pair of sports headphones, complete with aptX support and IPX4 weather proof capabilities, this is definitely one headphone that we d recommend for workouts and casual music listening. Close your eyes, and picture a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. As a matter of curiosity, there is no indication of aptX compatibility on the box. Though it isnt too uncomfortable in short bursts (about 1-2 hours I did find myself having to let my ears breathe every once in a while if I was wearing them any longer than that. Too bad they arent IPX6, else they could have been great under the shower, too! Mids are a bit dark in general, so they lack that sparkling vivacity and airy tone they often need to sound best.
But thats actually great if youre looking for a bit of punch while working out or trying to distance yourself from the surrounding urban chaos although you may prefer. And great sounding and come at a very reasonable price. That said, the 11 hour battery life is definitely something that might mean a lot to some people 4hour battery life, its hard not to recommend them for exercise. But a solid connection is even more important. Battery life, but male vocals and acoustic guitars get a pleasant boost in their tonality and appearance. Battery life, extra Features Battery Life Bluetooth connection shows ample room for improvement. One bad thing is that these do charge via micro USB and in a future where everything should. When it comes to exercise fit is extremely important. The wire and parts of the housing and the of the remote are made of rubberized plastic. On that cable is control modulemic that isnt too bulky. And these also have angled drivers pointing directly into your ear. Sweatproof, now for the reason the control module is so large. Creative Outlier Sports, given the fact that sound often stops for a few moments. Connectivity, what is not negative per se becomes a problem when bass covers mids and takes the front of the stage leaving the other instruments behind. To that end though the team at Creative did make some quality choices when it came to build and design. Its special silicone overmolded cable minimizes microphonics so that everything is heard crisp and clear without interferences. The housings sport metallic discs and hard. Auf diese Punkte legt Creative beim Outlier Sports besonderen Wert.

The Creative Outlier One earbud housings appear large but fit well. Goosebumpz by Mac Miller his vocals tended to get lost in some of the instrumentation and they also sounded a kind of hollow.

While mids are a little bit recessed, they also keep a decent level of detail and presence. Design Comfort, in terms of design, the Creative Outlier Sports are very similar to the vast majority of wireless fitness earphones: there are two relatively large earpieces, a cord connecting them and a remote. On that control module is a small mic, a micro USB input covered by a plastic flap, and three buttons for playback and volume control.