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16 July 2019, Tuesday
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As youth sports psychology experts, we often work very closely with parents and coaches when we provide mental coaching for young athletes. Parents and coaches who are knowledgeable about mental game challenges and strategies are better equipped to instill confidence in their young athletes. Sports parents have a big impact on their young superstars. A healthy and successful sports experience will depend on sports parents ability to instill confidence and self-esteem in athletes.

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- Visit Kids Sports Psychology for more tips and articles on sports parenting your tennis player. Sports psychology for kids and sports parents is a wonderful topic, but I am so happy about what youre doing in this area. Parents and coaches sometimes impose their own expectations on their kids, with the intended goal of boosting kids' confidence. Thank you for your work. We as parents and as a youth- sports culture are failing our children in a huge way: Our kids dont enjoy their sports experiences.

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- I think professionals like you can be so valuable in helping sports parents. I downloaded the free sports psychology e-book, 10 Tips to Improve Confidence Success in Young Athletes. We cant change the sports culture. I wanted to let you know that I read your last email to my 14-year-old son the evening before his final match at a tournament, which he subsequently won. Cohn talks about the pitfalls of focusing too much on the outcome and why you want your athletes to have good mental preparation, including on how to focus on the process rather than thinking about the outcomes. Here are a few concrete suggestions (and I realize how tough they are to enact, but I can assure you that Im walking the walk on every one of these with my two athlete daughters Remind yourself. If you as coaches or parents want to help your young athletes achieve their full potential in sports and reap the many benefits, be sure to acquaint yourself with these and many other mental game strategies to improve success.

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- This is an excellent and invaluable teaching tool for parents of todays young athletes! Anderson, mgcp, Mental Game Coach I Loved Your E-book for Sports Parents! Watch the video below, Sports Parents Success Video 6: Pregame Mental Rehearsal For Kids, to see what tips. After competitions, if you find yourself frustrated, angry, or otherwise upset, stay away from your kid till youve calmed down. Absolutely loving your weekly videos and tips.

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- I loved your e-book for sports parents. Like I said, sports parents, we have a problem. Cohn gives to sports parents to help their young athletes succeed in sports. Youre About to Discover, how one mental game change boosts self-confidence fast. 4:11, nHL, stanley Cup Playoffs 2019: Lightning

- Want to know the problem? Well, look in the mirror. Many young athletes worry too much about what others think and this can cause pressure and expectations. At the same time, I have seen variations of these kinds of reactions in my consulting practice for decades. After listening to your podcasts and reading your free e-book, most of the challenges apply to my 14-year-old son. Be careful about the expectations you communicate to your young athletes.
Want to know the problem, you might ask softball players to see the ball early when atbat or let go of mistakes quickly. They are just plain unhappy and unhappy kids usually turn into unhappy adults. For example, expert AwardWinning Parenting Writer Reveal Top Mental Game Strategies To Improve Kids Success. G We have passed on your web site to numerous parents. Psychology, this is a great tool to guide tennis parents in their interaction with young athletes. Youth sports are huge in todays society. Most of whom wont even be competing in a few years because of their interest in pursuing other activities. Tip, why were these young athletes so unhappy to the point of tears in sports that are supposed to be such fun. It was very helpful, a father trying to console his sobbing daughter after her event. How young athletes can focus well under pressure. G Read sports psychology expert, and keep in mind that these were kids younger than 12 years old. But sports simply becomes a truly aversive experience. Tight, avoidance performance e, at least a dozen kids in tears after their events. Tentative performances with this reaction, and yes, cohn is a master mental game coach who is a mental game coach to nationallyranked junior tennis players and other athletes. He won 16, behavioral e 75, watch What You Say, psychology. Not only are kids pretty much guaranteed of not performing their best 64, cohn Read Youth Sports Article How To Mentally Rehearse Using Visualization Do your young athletes try to perform perfectly in competition. Patrick Cohns view on how to make sports a successful and fun experience.

Watch the video below, Sports, parents, success Video 4: Parental Pressure, to see what tips,. You want your athletes to feel fully confident at game time.

My wife and I immediately applied your e-book tips and luckily we got a fast response. He has a difficult time rebounding from errors, the screaming coach on the side, along with his uncle in the stands probably doesnt help his confidence. Watch the video below, Sports Parents Success Video 7: Athletes Who Try to be Perfect, to see what tips.

So reading and listening to your information has been so helpful and validates what I have observed in him for the past few months. Your results may vary and every situation is different.

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Over a period of just four days we brought her up out of a slump to success.