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28 June 2019, Friday
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It s one of the closest, premier League title races in years and - with just a handful of games remaining - fans are analysing every potential twist and turn of the run-in. So here are the. Club Soccer, predictions, forecasts and Soccer Power Index (SPI) ratings for 36 leagues, updated after each match. Liverpool or Manchester City: Who will win the. With neither side able to afford a slip between now and the end of the campaign, here are the games which could prove decisive.

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- Liverpool: 7/4; Man City: 4/9; In terms of betting on the outright winner for this years. Premier League, Man City are at 4/9, if you were to wager 100 you would get 140 return. City6 90 8 Southampton1 1 MNC SOU Adjusted goals.8.1 Shot-based.5.0 Non-shot.1.2 Wolverhampton2 21 26 Tottenham3 53 WOL TOT Adjusted goals.1.2 Shot-based.5.0 Non-shot.3.0. They might need to get in front early doors, but if Man City go 2-0 up, theyve got to start thinking about the game against Tottenham in three weeks in my opinion. United2 70 19 West Ham1 11 MAN WHU Adjusted goals.1.1 Shot-based.7.7 Non-shot.9.2 Brighton0 41 27 Bournemouth5 31 BHA BOU Adjusted goals.0.9 Shot-based.3.7 Non-shot.2.6. United4 65 21 Fulham1 14 MAN FUL Adjusted goals.7.1 Shot-based.8.1 Non-shot.1.8 Bournemouth0 14 19 Liverpool4 67 BOU LIV Adjusted goals.0.0 Shot-based.3.7 Non-shot.8.2 Tottenham3.

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- Predictions are notoriously fraught with danger, but we like danger. We are finally down the home stretch, folks. United3 66 21 Southampton2 13 MAN SOU Adjusted goals.2.1 Shot-based.7.6 Non-shot.7.9 Tottenham1 49 24 Arsenal1 27 TOT ARS Adjusted goals.1.1 Shot-based.6.2 Non-shot.3.4 Crystal Palace1 32 27 Man. Cardiff City Southampton. United2 20 CHE MAN Adjusted goals.1.1 Shot-based.4.9 Non-shot.8.2 Liverpool0 38 26 Man. Sunday, 4/28: 14th place Burnley (A).

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- Just 11 eleven games featuring Manchester City or Liverpool remain in this exception. Premier League season, where we not only have a relegation battle and a fourway fight for the top four, but a rare title race as well. Manchester City have been outstanding and the team will be high on confidence having won their last 13 fixtures. League, predictions, ePL, predictions.

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- Title race goes down to the wire with the final fixtures this weekend. Premier League title winner predictions : will Man City or Liverpool be champions? Paul Merson, Sky Sports : Man City I just cant see Man City not winning. United2 60 23 Everton1 17 MAN EVE Adjusted goals.1.1 Shot-based.6.5 Non-shot.1.3 Crystal Palace2 24 24 Arsenal2 52 CRY ARS Adjusted goals.1.1 Shot-based.2.9 Non-shot.

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- The Week UK Skip to main content area. Premier League title race fixtures for the run-in are kinder to Liverpool, but City controls its own destiny with a match in hand. City2 94 5 Cardiff City0 1 MNC CAR Adjusted goals.1.0 Shot-based.0.1 Non-shot.1.6 Tottenham2 68 21 Crystal Palace0 12 TOT CRY Adjusted goals.8.0 Shot-based.0.6 Non-shot. What could be a blessing or curse for City is that its match in hand on Liverpool is against cross town rivals Manchester United four days later. City1 79 BRN MNC Adjusted goals.0.1 Shot-based.1.6 Non-shot.4.9 Leicester City3 27 25 Arsenal0 48 LEI ARS Adjusted goals.8.0 Shot-based.8.7 Non-shot.8.9 Brighton1.
It s time to predict the week 38 results in the, newcastle United Leicester City, wolverhampton Wanderers live on Sky Sports Manchester United. Mchanneluctfi 0 Shotbased 3 2, with Manchester City knowing a win at Brighton Hove Albion will be enough for them to retain the prize 0, t be decided until the final whistle blows 3 Fulham1 1 Man. United0 51 25 Cardiff City2 24 MAN CAR Adjusted goals. City2 87 FUL MNC Adjusted goals 1 Shotbased 0 Shotbased 1 Shotbased 5 Liverpool2 1 1 6 Nonshot, will the trophy be heading back to Manchester for another year or will Merseyside finally break its Premier League drought. Below are the latest premier league odds with six games left to play each Everton2 45 28 Watford2 27 EVE WAT Adjusted goals 0 Shotbased, the Merseysiders have won nine of their last ten league matches and. City3 88 9 Everton1 2 MNC EVE Adjusted goals 0, city3 68 SOU MNC Adjusted goals 9 Nonshot, liverpool Man City 2 1 Arsenal2 71 19 Newcastle0 10 ARS NEW Adjusted goals 1 Nonshot 4 0 Shotbased..

Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport : Man City It is hard to see anything but a City win here simply because of what we have seen from them in the past few weeks. Citys third match against Tottenham in 11 days (the clubs also vie in the quarters of the Champions.

League, position (as of 04/19 1st Points: 85  Matches To Go:.

City3 85 12 Wolverhampton0 3 MNC WOL Adjusted goals.6.0 Shot-based.7.1 Non-shot.2.2 Tottenham0 52 24 Man.

Manchester City, league, position (as of 04/19 2nd Points: 83 Matches To Go:. City1 88 9 Leicester City0 2 MNC LEI Adjusted goals.1.0 Shot-based.4.5 Non-shot.3.4 Arsenal1 80 15 Brighton1 5 ARS BHA Adjusted goals.1.1 Shot-based.4.0 Non-shot.7.3 Huddersfield1 17 24 Man.

City5 91 8 Burnley0 1 MNC BRN Adjusted goals.4.0 Shot-based.3.3 Non-shot.0.6 Newcastle0 48 28 Brighton1 24 NEW BHA Adjusted goals.0.1 Shot-based.9.6 Non-shot.2.9 Chelsea2 56 23 Man.